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blue Maids


maid mero mero

Cat Police

Asset 46.png

Birthday: March 17

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Cats

Favorite Food: Shellfish

Favorite Show: Jojo

Special Skills: Being photogenic, drawing, memery

Catchphrase: "That's the tea."

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Maid guppy


Asset 46.png

Birthday: March 16

Favorite Color: Sapphire

Favorite Animal: Guppies

Favorite Food: Coffee, Bread, and Oreos

Favorite Show: Sailor Moon

Special Skills: Dancing, advocating for minority rights, fashion.

Catchphrase: [R E D A C T E D]

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maid kinako

Saves the Day

Asset 48.png

Birthday: July 23
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Animal: Cuttlefish
Favorite Food: Cheesecake
Favorite Show: Regular Show
Special Skills: Impressions, splits, makeup
Catchphrase: "I'm baby"

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maid kuroe

[Redacted Maid]

Asset 38.png

Birthday: January 13

Favorite Colors: Red

Favorite Animal: Red Panda or Alfredo

Favorite Food: Poutine

Favorite Show: Invader Zim

Special Skills: Consuming human souls

Catchphrase: "Meowdy~"


    maid lucky

    *Insert Laugh Track*

    Asset 45.png

    Birthday: December 16

    Favorite Colors: Purple

    Favorite Animal: Hedgehog

    Favorite Food: Anything sweet!

    Favorite Show: Soul Eater

    Special Skills: Art, pun-making, procrastinating

    Catchphrase: "...ur mom :3"

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