Pink Maids

Birthday: May 23
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Animal: Penguins
Favorite Food: Lasagna and Breakfast food
Favorite Show: Princess Tutu

Favorite Manga: One Piece

Special Skills: Hime-sama laugh, drawing, dancing queen
Catchphrase: ":^)."

Actual Penguin

Maid Mellorine

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Birthday: August 15

Favorite Colors: Yellow & Red

Favorite Animal: Hedgehogs

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Show: Persona 4 The Animation

Special Skills: Moe Moe Kyun~♡ Master, Drawing

Catchphrase: " No Rice, No Life "

Probably late to Moe School

Maid akarin

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Birthday: November 21
Favorite Color: Pink and Gold
Favorite Animal: Koalas are cute!
Favorite Food: Shell fish!
Favorite Show: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure but part 5 tho...
Special Skills: Customer services and sewing
Catchphrase: "Moshi Moshi?... BOSS?"

The Pom dot Com

Maid pom pom

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Birthday: January 26

Favorite Colors: Red, black, purple, blue

Favorite Animal: All animals but mainly wolves

Favorite Food: Dumplings

Favorite Show: Supernatural, skins, shameless

Special Skills: Can sing and can meow like a kitty

Catchphrase: Be a trashCAN not a trashCANT

Tiny Pink Maid

maid rose

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Birthday: October 6
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Animal: Chihuahuas
Favorite Food: Strawberry shortcake
Favorite Show: Sailor Moon, JJBA
Special Skills: Makeup, baking sweets, and taking care of animals.
Catchphrase: "Kono Dio nya~"

An Actual Cat

maid kumi

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Birthday: June 4
Favorite Color: Coral Pink
Favorite Animal: Dikdik
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Special Skills: Singing, baking, and acting


maid Ymirru

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