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Cafe Kira hoshi

member application

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining Cafe Kira Hoshi! Please fill out all the questions accurately and to the best of your ability. We appreciate well thought out responses. Filling out this application does not automatically ensure that you will be accepted.

Auditions for Cafe Kira Hoshi follow a three step process: 
1. Filling out this application form.
2. A virtual interview through Zoom.
3. An in-person meet-up where you'll show off your dance skills!


 Auditioning does not automatically ensure that you will be accepted.

Please note this is a volunteer based role and you will not be receiving monetary compensation.

Please read over our requirements to find out if this cafe is a good fit for you!:

1. Attendance to all events and meetings are MANDATORY. Each maid/butler is an essential part of creating a fun event for guests. Please confirm that you will be able to use your own reliable transportation. Meetings are normally held in Miami, while events usually occur in the Deerfield, Tampa, or Miami area.
2. You must be 18 years or older.
3. You should be comfortable interacting with people, and have a positive attitude.
4. You must be able to purchase your own uniform and petticoat, and follow our dress code guidelines.
5. You must be active on Discord and check on our group chat at least once a week.
6. You should be comfortable with performing in front of others.
7. No current affiliation with other maid cafes.
8. Most importantly, be sure that you enjoy maid cafes and have fun!

*We are prioritizing blue maids but still accepting other positions*

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