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  • What is a Maid Cafe?
    A maid cafe is a subcategory of cosplay cafes found predominately in Japan. In maid cafes, the waitresses dress like, well, maids, and provide entertainment in the form of interactive games, food power ups and fun dances!
  • Are you a real cafe?
    While we do not have a set location, we are very real! Cafe Kira Hoshi is a 'pop up' cafe. This essentially means that we travel to conventions to spread fun to conventions all over Florida!
  • I want to visit you guys, what do I do?"
    We want to see you as well! Please keep up to date with our social media to find out what events we will be going to next. You can expect to see us at most conventions in South Florida, but if you don't see us on the guest list, please consider letting your local convention know that you want to see us there!
  • What does "Kira Hoshi" mean?"
    "Kira Hoshi" is short for Kira Kira Hoshi, which means sparkling star!
  • What happens at your events?
    When you come visit us, you can expect to eat some yummy snacks, play games, watch exciting performances, and have an unforgettable experience! Please do keep in mind that what we serve may vary at every event, as we have to adhere to the rules of each convention center.
  • I still have more questions!
    We admire your passion to find out more about our moe endeavors! Please do not hesitate to reach out through us through this website, or through our social media.
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